PADI Sidemount Diver

Sidemount diving is not a new concept, but its application has spread from
cave diving to open water recreational and technical diving. It is a fast growing specialty at diver level and many instructors use this as a stepping-stone to PADI Tec Rec courses. Sidemount diving presents divers with a different approach to equipment configuration, and a
 new set of skills to master.
Remember that the philosophy of this course is 
to provide an introduction to the use, benefits and proper configuration of Sidemount equipment for recreational diving, with an emphasis on safety. You will learn how to provide student divers with a systematic, methodical, approach to recreational Sidemount diving.

These include benefits of Sidemount diving, the ability to configure, assemble and wear Sidemount equipment with an emphasis on good trim and plan and make open water Sidemount dives within recreational limits.