PADI IDC Master Internship

Take your IDC experience and employability to the next level with our Master IDC Internship. This includes our industry leading IDC internship and 5 specialties of your choice, which will increase your appeal to dive employers.

We conduct the Master Scuba Diver Trainer prep after the IDC and we offer every PADI specialty available to suit your interests and specialties suitable to your working location. We conduct our MSDT prep as a dive safari where we go and explore some of the more challenging dive sites in Bali which is fun and is a great way to learn how to teach the more challenging specialties.

PADI IDC Master Internship

Rp 29,000
  • 16 Days + 2 IE + 4 MSDT
  • Unlimited Prep and Team Teaching
  • IDC & EFRI & MSDT prep

Whats Included

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