Conservation IDC Internship

Our Conservation IDC program includes our industry leading Complete IDC Internship with all the associated benefits such as unlimited preparation and team teaching experience and combines it with our unique conservation week program that focuses on research and conservation of two of Bali’s iconic animals – Mola Mola and Coral.

During this course you will learn to identify different growth forms, small and large polyp hard corals and how to easily distinguish between hard and soft corals. You will not only learn ways to differentiate between corals but you will also learn about the individual coral animal – the coral polyp, its life cycle and its significance to the marine ecosystem. After developing a deeper understanding and appreciation for corals the course moves on to looking at the threats that corals face and the ways we can help. As part of the course you will visit the Ocean Gardener coral farm in Sanur, help to fragment corals and then transplant some corals from the farm onto our house reef in Sanur.

You will also learn about the differences between the different ocean sunfish species and the ways to tell them apart. You will also learn about certain behaviours, recent findings as well as new questions that have arisen from the research so far. You will learn how to identify individual fish, how to take a good photo for identification purposes and help to process photos of sunfish for Ocean Sunfish Research. If you’re lucky you will be able to process your own photos of sunfish and check to see if your fish has been seen before!

Conservation IDC Internship

Rp 32,000
  • 16 Days + 2 Days IE + 7 Conservation
  • Unlimited Prep & Team Teaching
  • IDC & EFRI & Conservation Week

Whats Included

  • PADI Instructor Course Fees
  • Unlimited Prep
  • Unlimited team teaching
  • Compressor Work Shop
  • Digital products Workshop
  • Discover Sidemount
  • Ocean Gardener Course
  • Lunch Included
  • Visa Assistance
  • Early Bird offer. Book your IDC min. 2 months previous to start and get free accommodation in twin share AC room.
  • Dive Theory Presentations
  • CV Workshop
  • Career planning Workshop
  • Mola Identification Course
  • Advanced Skill Circut Workshop
  • Instructor Uniform Package
  • Equipment Rental
  • Emergency First Response Instructor Course
  • EFRI Materials
  • Equipment Sales Workshop
  • Dedicated Conservation Week

Check these out to know more!

During the course you’ll learn how to apply the PADI System of Education and Practice.
To do this we have made the perfect schedule which mixes between confined water teaching presentations, knowledge development presentations and open water teaching presentations as well as the following 19 curriculum class room presentations:

Course Orientation, Dive Industry Overview, General Standards and Procedures, The Role of Media and Prescriptive Teaching, Legal Responsibility and Risk Management, PADI Scuba Diver and Open Water Diver Course, Adaptive Teaching, The PADI Continuing Education Philosophy, Business Principles for the Dive Instructor, Adventures in Diving Program, Specialty Diver Courses and Master Scuba Diver Program, Rescue Diver Course, Divemaster Course, Diver Retention Programs, How to Teach the RDP.

We have also added the 5 Dive theories: physics, physiology, equipment, RDP&eRDPml, skills and the environment.3 weeks +/- You will need 16 days for the IDC and EFRI including the various workshops and practical applications.

The IE takes place straight after the IDC which is an additional 2 days. Additional preparation days are FREE – get unlimited prep days where our Course Directors and IDC Staff Instructors will help you brush up your diving skills and theory.

According to your needs, join in on assisting courses before the IDC starts.
Assistant Instructor and Open Water Scuba Instructor get unlimited support, meaning you can come to the IDC beforehand for as long as you wish and stay as long as you want after you have completed your program.

We are here to HELP YOU!

As part of the Ocean Gardener and Bali Sunfish course package you will help out at the Ocean Gardener farm in Candidasa after you have completed your Ocean Gardener certification. Also, you will carry out a transect dive in Sanur to assess coral cover. This transect dive is an on- going project to monitor our reef restoration area and hopefully see an improvement over time of species diversity, abundance and health.

Becoming an Ocean Gardener Coral Diver with Crystal Divers will not only change your perception of corals but all your dives will have an entirely new element to them, giving you a whole new diving experience. Your Ocean Gardener Coral Diver certification qualifies you to visit any other Ocean Gardener coral farm and help them out on their farm activities.

Ocean Sunfish Research is a project that has arisen from the PhD research of Dr. Marianne Nyegaard. Marianne’s research area spanned New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia and she spent 3 consecutive seasons in Bali (2013-2015) as part of her field work to study the incredible phenomenon found here – the annual aggregation of Ocean Sunfish on the relatively shallow reefs around the island.

In taking this course you will be contributing directly to Ocean Sunfish Research’s ongoing data sets to develop a deeper understanding of the unique phenomenon that happens here in Bali, an understanding that ultimately highlights the importance of sustainable tourism practices and the significance of individual choices.

To enter the PADI Instructor Development Course, you must:
Be a PADI Divemaster or leadership level with another diver training organization.
Be 18 years old.
Have completed and logged at least 60 dives as documented by your logbook including night, deep and navigation dives.
Be a certified diver for six months
Have a medical clearance attesting to dive fitness signed by a physician within the previous 12 months​
Have a certified Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care course certification (or equivalent training) within the last 24 months

PADI IDC Crew Pack includes:
Confined Water and Open Water cue cards
Adventures in Diving cue cards
Rescue Diver cue cards
Divemaster cue cards
Confined and Open Water lesson planning slate
Open Water Course prescriptive lesson guides
Open Water Course final exam
Rescue Diver Course final exam
Divemaster Course final exam
PADI Guide to teach in paper and cd-rom version
Dive planning and Skill practice slate
Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty instructor outline paper version
Specialty Instructor Outlines cd-rom
Positive approach to selling DVD
Diving knowledge workbook
PADI Backpack

Our price for the PADI IDC Crewpack is 10.000.000IDR

Having the ability to not only teach the basic PADI courses but also expand your teaching ability to PADI specialty courses can be a great asset to you and to your future employer. Expanding your skill base with our specialty instructor training will give you lots of hints, tips and cool ways to teach a huge array of PADI specialties. Guided by our Platinum PADI Course Directors who can offer you their years of experience in how to teach the specialties that excite you and your students. You will also pick up a few principles that you can apply to all courses. Our MSDT prep program is run as a dive safari after the instructor exam. It is a fun way to experience the awesome diving Bali has to offer and also build an even bigger skill base.

The Crystal Divers team is dedicated to your success that is why we offer unlimited support before and after your program.

From helping you brush-up your dive skills or theory prior to the start of the IDC to helping you secure a job in the industry post-graduation. You will get our unparalleled support for life!

Daily lunch during our IDC programs. We make sure that you are well taken care of with free-flow coffee, tea, water, cake, and fruits.

Other Perks
Free  internet access in our facilities 24/7.
Visa assistance program (for up to 6 months is available depending on your needs)
Free dive equipment rental (BCD, regulator etc)
Discount on equipment purchase
Early Bird offer. Book your IDC min. 2 months previous to start and get free accommodation in twin share AC room.
We also include the following free workshops to our program upon request

Equipment workshop
Compressor workshop
Resume workshop
Discover Sidemount
Discover Tec
Our unique “Digital Marketing and the Diving Industry” workshop
Website development workshop
Career planning workshop
Disabled diving workshop

  • Teaching status PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors are able to teach the following courses and programs:

    • PADI Scuba Diver/Open Water Diver
    • Adventure Diver/Advanced Open Water Diver
    • Rescue Diver
    • Divemaster
    • Skin Diver and Discover Snorkeling
    • Discover Scuba Diving
    • PADI Seal Team and Bubblemaker
    • ReActivate and Discover Local Diving
    • Peak Performance Buoyancy
    • Project AWARE Specialty
    • Coral Reef Conservation

PADI Fees for 2020 are:

Instructor Application Fee $280AUD
Instructor Exam Enrollment Fee $975AUD
Emergency First Response Instructor Fee $193AUD
Specialty Instructor Application Fee $111AUD