Conservation Divemaster Internship

Are you passionate about conserving the underwater realm? Are you interested in conducting research that will assist the future of iconic animal preservation. In addition to our industry leading PADI Divemaster Internship we have partnered with two very exciting organisations that will offer a unique conservation program that focuses on Bali’s iconic animals – Mola Mola and Coral diversificaion.

During this course you will learn to identify different growth forms, small and large polyp hard corals and how to easily distinguish between hard and soft corals. You will not only learn ways to differentiate between corals but you will also learn about the individual coral animal – the coral polyp, its life cycle and its significance to the marine ecosystem. After developing a deeper understanding and appreciation for corals the course moves on to looking at the threats that corals face and the ways we can help. As part of the course you will visit the Ocean Gardener coral farm in Sanur, help to fragment corals and then transplant some corals from the farm onto our house reef in Sanur.

You will also learn about the differences between the different ocean sunfish species and the ways to tell them apart. You will also learn about certain behaviours, recent findings as well as new questions that have arisen from the research so far. You will learn how to identify individual fish, how to take a good photo for identification purposes and help to process photos of sunfish for Ocean Sunfish Research. If you’re lucky you will be able to process your own photos of sunfish and check to see if your fish has been seen before!

Conservation Divemaster Internship

Rp 39,000
  • 5 -7 Weeks Internship
  • Lunches included
  • 6 Weeks Accommondation

Whats Included

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