GoPRO Bali IDC - Crystal Divers - A 5 Star PADI CDC Centre

PADI DiveMaster Internships

Our aim at Crystal Divers is to train you to be the best PADI Professionals in the world. We offer a comprehensive training program that will teach you not only the required skills and knowledge to become an active functioning PADI Professional but far exceed these skills to fully prepare you for employment in the dive industry.

We recognize that taking the step into dive education is an important one and at Crystal Divers, we aim to support you all the way to meet your goals. We also understand that you are here to learn as much as possible, which includes all aspects of a dive operation which includes the “ugly side” of the operation such as carrying tanks and cleaning equipment, however, your main role is to learn, develop and grow in this amazing industry.

We have a full-time team of staff to look after our equipment and you will not be used as “free labor” as with some Divemaster internships. You are here to learn from our two full-time Platinum Course Directors and a team of senior instructors, who will assist and mentor you fulfill your potential as dive professionals.