Bali IDC Price List







Assistant Instructor – 650Euro
Open Water Scuba Instructor – 750 Euro
IDC (AI + OWSI) – 11400 Euro
EFRI only – 350 Euro

Course Curriculum, training and unlimited prep days. Diving until you reach your dives for certification (charged at 10$ a tank). Lunch and soft drinks included on IDC and prep days.

These prices do NOT include material or PADI fees.

Mandatory PADI Material

PADI Material, bring your own or buy what you need from us, if you need to buy PADI material from us it has to be ordered 1 month before the start of your IDC.

Visit the Required Material List page.

**All material is mandatory for the IDC and IE.

The following fees* are payable directly to PADI. (NOT included in the IDC price)

IE fees: $825AUD
IE enrollment fees: $238AUD
EFRI fee: $181AUD

* Based on 2016 fees

A la cart Components

Participating in an IDC is only the first step toward becoming a professional PADI Instructor.

EFR Instructor

Our in depth Emergency First Response Instructor course will prepare you for the future.
350€ (includes manual) + fees (Payable to PADI $164AUD) *IDC Combo only 250€ + fees

Specialty Instructor

Increase your teaching range with PADI Specialty Instructor ratings.
160€ per specialty + fees (Payable to PADI $138AUD each) Includes dives and outlines

MSDT Internship Program

The Master Scuba Diver Trainer Program gives your the best option to start your career with 5 or more PADI Specialties.
700€ (5 specialties) + fees (Payable to PADI $101AUD each, plus registration fee $138AUD) Includes dives and outlines *IDC Combo only 450€ + fees

Staff Instructor Program

Go beyond and become a PADI Staff Instructor.
650€ (Includes slates) + fee (Payable to PADI $170AUD) Includes dives and outlines

See our PDF for more information, breakdown costs and package deals.